Équisebo, SOS hair and teenagers: growing up and self-esteem.

11 December 2018

Restless, irascible, insecure and desperate for an identity, they ask the support of us adults to overcome that phase of transformation that more than any other risks to undermine self-esteem and confidence.

Acne and greasy hair are usually the most common sorrows that glue teenagers to the mirror in desperate self-flagellation sessions due to overproduction of sebum linked to hormonal turbulence. This usually results in greasy, dirty hair, very often accompanied by bad smell. Not being able to prevent these transformations, we just have to offer them adequate support by giving targeted advice and proposing effective solutions. Poor diet, stress, and very frequent washings with unsuitable products can worsen the situation causing seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff development. It is therefore essential to suggest to young people the use of non-aggressive and specifically-formulated products. The Équisebo family, an adjuvant anti-sebum treatment of the nubeà line, offers a delicate and immediate solution to this problem. Its formula, based on the precious Essential Oils of Caryophyllus, Pinus Sylvestris and Salvia Officinalis, guarantees a normalizing effect on the secretions, keeping the protective functionality of the hydro-lipid mantle of the scalp intact. A healthy and light scalp has a direct consequence: stronger and more beautiful, more voluminous, scented hair, which holds brushing longer and requires a much less frequent wash. Hence, greater personal confidence and self-esteem and a consequent greater ability in managing social relationships, extremely fundamental at this stage of life.

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